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We specialize in precast concrete to be used for retaining walls, freestanding walls and anywhere else a large block system is needed

What We Do ?

We specialize in precast concrete blocks used for retaining and freestanding walls. Our system offers the most versatile, stable and architecturally attractive solution in the industry. Whether it’s used to retain the force of earth and gravity or meet landscaping needs, the rock-block system is the most effective and attractive solution available.

The Advantages

Our rock-blocks have 5.75 square feet of face surface area, which makes it the largest blocks available. Each block weighs between 1,200 and 2,500 pounds. Composed of 3,000 and 4,000 psi wet-cast concrete, these blocks are built to last a lifetime. And when it comes to holding back the earth, bigger is definitely better.


Build non-reinforced walls up to 50% taller than other systems using rock block's massive blocks

Each block weighs 2000 lbs on average and has 5.75 square feet of textured face.Non-reinforced walls can save valuable land space and minimize excavation due to the elimination of geo-grid.

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Our Products

Freestanding Walls

Our Freestanding Wall System is a great alternative to cast & place ...

Retaining Walls

Rock Block is the leading, large block retaining wall system in BC today. ...

Precast Rock Block Steps

A quick and easy alternative to pour in place concrete steps. ...

Our Strength

Massive blocks equals massive strength

These blocks build walls that last a lifetime, not only does the weight of the blocks equal strength, but the strength of the wet-cast concrete means that these blocks will be around a long time in the future. Wet-cast block minimizes deterioration and crumbling due to freeze/thaw cycles. Wet-cast manufacturing allows for natural rock face textures vs. small block split concrete look.